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This Is for the Days When You Feel Some Kind of Way

Have you ever just … felt some kind of way? It can be hard to pinpoint just one thing or fully express the collection of thoughts and feelings buried under “push-through” mantras and mindsets.

Full disclosure: I’ve been a card-carrying member of the push-through society for a hot minute, so I’m talking with you and not at you. That’s how we’ve made it this far, right? Stepping up, showing up, getting things done and powering through because that’s what we do.

But at what cost?

I know, that was rude. We were having a moment, and I ruined it. Getting you hyped up and then posing that intrusive question. It’s only because I love us, and I know firsthand the high cost of pushing through. So let me ask you again: What has your push-through mantra cost you? Sleep? Relationships? Time to invest in your dreams? Peace? Your health?

I’m only asking to get you, me, us to slow down and consider our well-being as a top priority. Sometimes we don’t give ourselves enough time, space and grace to ask questions. Why do I feel some kind of way? What’s one word to describe how I feel and what might be a deeper issue lurking behind the scenes?

I got into some of those lingering issues in my last post: “Let’s Agree Not to Be Crazy Busy Anymore

What I want to do here is share some practical things I’ve found helpful when I feel some kind of way and need to take a step back or reframe my thinking.

When you’re feeling some kind of way at work

There’s a lot I could cover here, but I want to share some wisdom passed down to me from my dear friend Lindsay. She shared an acronym that was shared with her: LBL. It stands for “learn baby learn.” I put those letters on my computer monitor at the office to remind me that whatever I was facing, these were learning moments for me. Whatever “it” was, LBL kept me focused on the larger objectives. No matter how fulfilling or awful your job is, it’s your training ground. Don’t squander your opportunities to learn there, but also hear from God on how you maneuver through that job and when it’s your season to leave.

When you’re feeling some kind of way at home

Do what replenishes you. What makes you feel cared for and satisfied in your soul? If you can only do it for two minutes, start there. Don’t let quantity overshadow quality. For me, it’s a mix of doing something for my body (exercising, stretching) something for my soul (journaling, blogging, sitting still either inside or outside) and something for my spirit (listening to a short sermon, podcast or faith confessions). I also have goals and things I’m passionate about achieving, so making time to do those things helps me redirect my energy toward an activity that uplifts me. Again, everyone is different, so make sure you honor yourself by giving YOU what you need. Sometimes that thing is sleep!

When you’re feeling some kind of way, and you need a right-now fix

  • Take stock: Grab some paper and jot down the things that are serving you well, or adding value to your life, and the things that are not. What would you like to add to this list? What needs to go? Friendly reminder: Sometimes what is or is not serving us isn’t an object or a person but our attitudes and negative self-talk. I know, that stings. I felt it, too.

  • Music: I am serious about my Spotify playlists. I promise there is something on my nearly 5-hours of eclectic Jesus music that will pick you up. Don’t sleep on it. Oh, and if you have recommendations to add, please share in the comments.

  • Messages: I love a good mini-sermon. I’m seeing this more often now where pastors and speakers will take 5-10 minute clips from their messages that give you a boost and help you refocus and feel encouraged. I’ll share two recent clips that I love from Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts (below) and Pastor Taffi Dollar.

  • Scripture: Do you have a go-to verse? A verse you can commit to memory to remind you what God says about you when you need His loving words most? Whatever you are facing right now, there’s a Bible verse to address it. I know, God’s dope like that. Let’s say it’s worry. You can search online for Bible verses about worry. Choose one that speaks to you and get in the habit of saying it to yourself and really allowing the words to change the way you think.

  • Quick exercise: This is one of my favorites. Shout-out to my local Pastor, Jessica Martin. She encouraged us each day to write down one way that God loves us. I have thoroughly enjoyed doing that and make it a regular practice. I’m setting my mind and choosing to focus on God’s love and goodness. Even if you can’t write it down, try setting a reminder in your phone so that you can think about it or say it out loud to yourself.

That's all I got for now! Sound off in the comments, and let me know what you found helpful or what I might be missing.



This is exactly what I needed today. Thank you!

Sep 21, 2021
Replying to

We’re all in this together! Thank you for reading, Meli, and for taking time to share how our words impacted you! ❤️


Cameca Murphy
Cameca Murphy
Sep 03, 2021

Thank you for this article. It is well written and timely!

Sep 04, 2021
Replying to

Thank you for reading, Cameca! We appreciate the kind words from a valued member of our community.

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